Specialist Lessons

Students in all year levels participate in Music, Drama and Physical Education specialist lessons at St Patrick's.

Throughout the year students participate in music based units which focus on the gaining of a broad and balanced musical understanding and appreciation. Students learn about music from other cultures and from different historical periods and genres. Students also focus on musical theory by exploring pitch, rhythms, terms and signs. Music lessons are designed to be practical, interactive, exploratory and fun. They also incorporate the use of a variety of different tuned and un-tuned instruments.

Students also participate in Drama based units of work which aim to build speaking, performing and self-confidence skills. Students engage creatively in story-telling to design, produce and perform dramatic artworks.

At St Patrick's we believe in educating the whole child and developing their physical fitness and movement skills as an important part of the curriculum. We have a proud tradition of supporting many students to gain the confidence to participate in many sports and develop strength, control and movement skills. Our students learn to cooperate through Sport and physical activity as well as learning important life skills such as swimming and water safety. Under the guidance of our PE teachers, as well as visiting sports experts from the Bundaberg community, students learn a range of sports and physical skills. St Patrick's proudly claims many State and National sports participants and champions.

Specialist Lessons for 2022

Students are to wear their sport's uniform on the following days to participate in specialist lessons.

Tuesday           Year 6  Year 2  and Prep W/D

Wednesday     Year 3  Year 5 and Prep  W/S

Thursday         Year 4  Year 1 and Prep  D/S