St Patrick's delivers the Australian Curriculum with a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and digital technologies.

Learning programs at St Patrick's in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, The Arts and Digital & Design Technologies are based on the Australian Curriculum. Our comprehensive Health and Physical Education curriculum is derived from the Queensland Curriculum. St Patrick's school provides a holistic curriculum which includes daily Religious Education lessons based on the Religious Education curriculum devised by Catholic Education Rockhampton.

At St Patrick's we have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills and teachers regularly receive training and development aimed at enhancing teaching skills in these vital areas. Students are expected to practice literacy and numeracy skills learnt at school with follow up homework activities.

St Patrick's school provides a broad curriculum with units of work that enable students to learn about local and global issues and develop independent and collaborative learning skills. Students in Years 3-6 use iPads to connect to the world and each other and to learn and create digital content. Students in Prep – Year 2 use school owned iPads as they begin to develop key digital technological literacy skills alongside a strong focus on early literacy and numeracy skills.