Counselling and Pastoral Care

Our staff are very caring of our students, and actively support their social and emotional growth. However there are issues arise which require more specialised expertise.

When children encounter issues like family breakdowns, separations and illnesses, they benefit from specialised counselling. Likewise matters of self-esteem, anxiety and similar concerns are best met by appropriately qualified support staff.

At St Patrick's we employ a school counsellor, who works at our school, with our children and our parents, for two days per week. Our APRE Tracey Cook and our school counsellor both manage referrals. Such referrals can be initiated by parents, staff, or in senior classes, by the students themselves. Our counsellor always seeks parental consent before commencing counselling, and works with parents to support their children.

If you have any questions, need a referral form or require pastoral support of some kind please contact our APRE Tracey Cook.

Counselling Information for Parents/Carers

Counselling Information Consent Form